Welcome to the Language and Learning Lab at University of Toronto!

At the Language and Learning Lab, we are interested in how young children learn about the world around them! Our research explores the way that infants and children begin to:

  • Use knowledge learned through new media sources, like ebooks
  • Use words and other symbols to communicate
  • Understand references to absent objects, people, and events
  • Update their knowledge from what others tell them
  • Learn new information from picture books
  • Understand the intentions of others during communication

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Parents, if you are interested having your children participate in our studies, click here to learn more or call (416) 934-4559.

You can also email us at languageandlearninglab@gmail.com

If you are a current or prospective undergraduate or graduate student, click here to learn more or email Dr. Patricia Ganea at patricia.ganea@utoronto.ca.

Lab News!

October 2015 – Professor Ganea and her graduate student, Caitlin Canfield, receive the Editor’s Choice Award for their recent publication in Journal of Cognition and Development, titled “You could call it magic’: What parents and siblings tell preschoolers about unobservable entities“.

June 2015 – Congratulations to Nicole Larsen, who just completed her M.A. in Child Study and Education here at OISE! She also won an award for the research she has been doing in our lab!

May 2015 – Congratulations to Dr. Gabrielle Strouse, postdoctoral fellow in our lab, who accepted a faculty position at the University of South Dakota. We wish her all the best. We know she will do great!

March 2015 – Congratulations Heidi Kuang!  Heidi Kuang has received a 2015 U of T Excellence Award (UTEA) from the Vice-President of Research that funds her for 14 weeks of summer research.  We are pleased to have her continue with us!

June 2014 – Professor Ganea and Postdoctoral Fellow, Dr. Gabrielle Strouse, receive SSRHC Insight Development Grant: An examination of the educational potential of interactive touch screen media for young children.

May 2014 – Professor Ganea wins highly competitive Early Research Award (ERA) from Ontario’s Ministry of Research and Innovation. The funded program of research is entitled “From Child to Scientist”: Using symbolic media to promote science education in young children.